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DATOC was formed in 2016 to create and amend tactical response plans for Huanglongbing suppression and management for California citrus.
Our History

5201066 by Florida Division of Plant Industry, CC BY / Saturated and cropped from original.

Methods of combatting the Asian citrus psyllid and Huanglongbing in other citrus production areas, if implemented in California, would not be enough to protect CA citrus growers. Growers and researchers recognized that CA needed to adopt an aggressive tactical response to suppression and management.

An independent group was proposed which would regularly conduct situational assessments and create and amend actions plans in a rapid, flexible, and responsive manner. The group would include expertise from the sciences, as well as growers and regulatory personnel, with the goal of providing science-based information to guide policy decisions, logistics, and operations.

Our Team

Today, the Center is an interdisciplinary team of growers, entomologists, modelers, plant physiologists, data scientists, and other researchers, with input from regulatory personnel. We regularly produce analyses regarding the state of ACP and HLB in California, including policy briefings and program recommendations to the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Committee based on current research. 

Most often, requests for DATOC analyses come directly from the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Subcommittees. 

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