THE HLB Epidemic in California

HLB+ Trees


Total as of April 14, 2021.

Updated monthly.

CLas+ ACP 


Total as of Mar 4, 2021.

Updated monthly.

Tree samples tested


Total as of Dec, 2020.

Updated quarterly.

ACP samples tested


Total as of Dec, 2020.

Updated quarterly.

Data collection and analysis supported by:

Geographic Distribution

Where is the disease being found?

All HLB+ trees have been found in residential areas. No diseased trees have been detected with PCR in a commercial grove.

Bacterial Titer

Is the concentration of bacteria in infected samples changing?

Analytical Updates Blog

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Numbers at a glance

HLB+ trees by variety.jpg
Regional ACP Quarantine zones for the shipment of bulk citrus.
Yellow sticky traps with ACP detected on grove traps within 5 miles of a major transportation route before and after trucks of fruit were requried to be tarped during transit.

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CA HLB detections by grid