Past Updates

New reports released
March 4, 2019

DATOC completed 3 new reports at the end of February for March Release. Completed reports discussed the scientific basis for altering the CDFA sampling plan in response to detection of HLB near a commercial orchard, the growth rate of disease incidence in southern California, and a description of exposure to HLB in commercial and residential areas. 

Final risk model presented
December 6

Finalized model output for estimation of risk of transporting CLas+ ACP

across bulk citrus quarantine zones was presented to a joint

meeting of the CPDPC Science and Technology Committee and the Regulatory Task Force, and a recommendation based on the results was made.

Executive Summary on exposure released
November 7

Members of DATOC presented report to the CPDPC Operations subcommittee discussing preliminary findings for HLB exposure in Southern California.

Stem and leaf advisory

October 3

DATOC presented an advisory statement to the CPDPC Operations Subcommittee regarding allowing stem and leaf cleaning in the field as a mitigation measure for ACP risk in transporting bulk citrus. 

Welcome to our newest members
January 31

DATOC is happy to announce the addition of our newest members: Dr. Mamoudou Sétamou, Dr. Tania Brenes-Arguedas, Dr. Monique Rivera, and Dr. Bruce Babcock. We anticipate DATOC will benefit greatly from the addition of their expertise. 

Dr. Sétamou is a citrus entomologist and IPM specialist based out of Texas. Dr. Brenes-Arguedas is an applied biostatistician and data modeler in Davis, CA. Dr. Rivera is an Assistant Specialist in Cooperative Extension, and Dr. Babcock is an economist who specializes in agricultural issues. Rivera and Babcock are both based in Riverside, CA.

Consensus reached on risk model 
November 7

DATOC and the Regulatory Task Force/CPDPC Science and Technology subcommittee finalized their approach to the model analyzing risk of transporting CLas+ ACP across quarantine zones.

Regulatory task force

October 12

The Regulatory task Force met October 12th to discuss mitigating the risk of transporting CLas+ ACP across quarantine zones.

Treatment advisory

October 3

DATOC presented an advisory statement to the CPDPC Operations Subcommittee regarding the suggested treatment area following a psyllid find.

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