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The Data Analysis and Tactical Operations Center (DATOC) provides data driven solutions built on hard analytics for combating Huanglongbing and the Asian citrus psyllid in California citrus. Read more about us or contact us.

Huanglongbing in California

More than 1,900 HLB-infected trees have been found in over 20 cities in Southern California. Click the map below to view larger.

Find out more about the HLB epidemic in California.

Latest News

No evidence of seasonality in CLas titers
September 2, 2020

DATOC has analyzed the titers of HLB+ tree samples collected in CA to determine if there is any evidence for seasonal patterns. Read the briefing paper here

Preharvest Insecticides 
July 15, 2020

  A team of scientists has completed a paper describing the scientific basis for insecticides available to growers for bulk citrus movement. Read it here

New panelists + new reports
May 7, 2020

 The first quarterly report for 2020 activities has been published and can be viewed here

   We are also pleased to announce that, although Dr. Tim Gottwald has retired, his DATOC position has been filled by Dr. Lukasz Stelinski, a professor of Entomology and Nematology at the University of Florida. Dr. Stelinski has worked for over a decade with Huanglongbing, the Asian citrus psyllid, and related topics. His research today focuses on citrus and he specializes in vector-pathogen interactions, plant-insect interactions, insect behavior, and integrated pest management. In just a few short weeks of membership, Dr. Stelinski has already provided valuable input on team projects.   

 We are grateful to Dr. Gottwald for the time he spent providing our team with a wealth of expertise, always freely given. Dr. Gottwald was an invaluable part of DATOC’s membership and we wish him good health and much contentment in his retirement!

New Quarterly Report Published
February 20, 2020

 The last quarterly report for 2019 activities has been published and can be viewed here. DATOC has also published a new update on the HLB situation in Southern California. 

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