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Current activities

Over the last quarter we have been involved in three main activities:

  1. Providing information on the historical development of HLB in California and the various epidemiological analyses that have been used to support the statewide program, to the Science Advisory Panel for the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program (request from CPDPC);

  2. Providing statistical expertise to an ongoing collaborative project between CDFA and the Central Valley Citrus Pest Detection Program to study the efficacy of detecting Liberibacter in different tissues of infected host trees (request from CPDPC Science Sub-committee);

  3. Analyzing Asian Citrus Psyllid detection data from sporadic detections in the Central Valley to examine whether the current response radius is sufficient to achieve local eradication of the vector (request from CPDPC Operations Sub-committee).

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The latest quarterly report, covering activities from July to September 2021, has been published. It can be viewed here.

Activity Update: Summer 2021

Work is currently underway on a broad overview of the current HLB/ACP situation in California, an update to the 2017 “State of the State”. We hope to publish this during the Fall of 2021. An analysis

Last week at DATOC

April 19 - 23, 2021 Last week DATOC continued support work on a series of projects, including: analyzing insecticide treatments around commercial groves in light of homeowner refusal rates for the CPD


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