Last week at DATOC

April 19 - 23, 2021

Last week DATOC continued support work on a series of projects, including: analyzing insecticide treatments around commercial groves in light of homeowner refusal rates for the CPDPC Operations Subcommittee, the probability of detecting CLas in different citrus tissue types for a CRB-funded project, developing a risk index for potential HLB development in Southern California to inform both the Operations and Science Subcommittees, and temperature suitability for ACP in different regions for the Science Subcommittee. We also finalized and published the first Quarterly Report of 2021.

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The latest quarterly report, covering activities from July to September 2021, has been published. It can be viewed here.

Work is currently underway on a broad overview of the current HLB/ACP situation in California, an update to the 2017 “State of the State”. We hope to publish this during the Fall of 2021. An analysis

The newest Quarterly Report, covering DATOC's completed projects for the first quarter of 2021, has been published. DATOC also completed a new briefing for the CPDPC Science Subcommittee proposing an