Last week at DATOC

March 15 - 19, 2021

We continue to work on questions from the Science Subcommittee regarding an evaluation of the regulatory program. This has included work on an upcoming briefing as well as an ongoing modelling project using the agent-based model from the USDA epidemiology team in Florida. We also worked with this team to review updates to HLB risk in California, how the updates affected the Central Valley, and how to communicate these updates to the CPDPC.

Regular updates and maintenance were done to DATOC’s platform for communication and data sharing between the expert panel, as well as to our public website. Other work included analytical support for a CRB-funded project, led by Dr. Subhas Hajeri and Lucita Kumagai, evaluating different testing methods for HLB detection, and manuscript preparation for a second CRB-funded project evaluating the economic benefits of grower coordination in HLB control efforts. The latter project is led by Drs. Bruce Babcock and Neil McRoberts.

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Last week at DATOC

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Last week at DATOC

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