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Last week at DATOC

April 12 – 16, 2021

Last week, DATOC presented to the CPDPC Science Subcommittee a possible approach for assessing the value of the HLB/ACP regulatory program. We began a project for the Operations Subcommittee evaluating residential insecticide treatments considering homeowner refusal rates. We also began work on a project that originated out of two separate requests - one from the Science Subcommittee regarding the effectiveness of the control program in southern California, and one from Operations regarding climatic suitability and ACP trapping schedules. This project aims to develop an HLB risk index for California that incorporates temperature suitability for ACP growth and CLas colonization, and flush availability, to help identify how much of the risk of HLB can be attributed to differences in environments in different production areas. Lastly, the data dashboard was updated with April HLB numbers.

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